If you live in a GHA public housing community, space is available for you to park one car

Register Your Vehicle

If you want to park your car at the property where you live, you’ll need to register your vehicle with Home Forward.  We’ll give you a sticker that must be displayed in the lower left corner of your rear window. For motorcycles, the sticker must be plainly visible. All vehicles must be properly licensed.

Respect the Parking Signs

Some parking spaces have signs to restrict who can park there, such as staff or people with disabilities. Any space that is marked “Resident Parking” — or is not marked at all — is available for all residents.

No Storage or Repairs

Parking in our public housing communities is reserved for vehicles that are actively used by residents. Storage or repair of vehicles or any other equipment is not allowed.

Violators Will be Towed

Any vehicle that is found to be in violation of the GHA parking rules may be towed and impounded without notice. Vehicles that are inoperable, will be given a 72-hour warning notice with a chance to correct the violation before towing.

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